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As the founder of 8Connect Consulting I’d like to take a moment to welcome you to our blog.

I started 8Connect because, after 20 years of working in consulting, change and operational leadership roles, I believe that many businesses need to make fundamental shifts in order to survive and thrive over the coming years. I’m a little reticent to use the word “transformation” in my work, because to me it implies a certain, “big programme” approach to organisational change that simply isn’t delivering and won’t get any more effective. That approach is top-down, comprehensive and driven not by the needs and ability of people to change, but by the timetable set by project plans.

Businesses simply need to get better at self-renewal, evolving quickly to meet and set the pace of the market. Of course, from time to time, more comprehensive change is required, for example to implement new cross-functional systems and processes, particularly when the organisation has fallen behind. But therein lies the problem. By the time a major programme goes live, the world has often already moved on.

As the pace and complexity of change increases, organisations must harness the curiosity and creativity of their people, and enable them to create change more quickly and effectively.

There are many challenges ahead.

Like you, I don’t have all of the answers. I do however know that there is a role to play in applying relevant and appropriate models of motivation, emotion and behaviour from psychology to help us. There’s some great stuff out there. There’s also plenty of bunkum, ‘conventional wisdom’ and outdated approaches doing the rounds that can hold us back.

I look forward to co-creating future-ready organisations with you.

Rob Robson, 8Connect.

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