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Transforming the Experience of People at Work

2020 Might be a year to forget in many respects, but for three UK businesses dedicated to transforming people’s experience at work, it promises to be the start of something very exciting. And in many respects, the current pandemic represents the perfect time to come together, as more and more businesses recognise the importance of improving the employee experience and building a new environment that will enable them to be at their best in a post-COVID world.

The new business will bring together existing businesses The People Experience Hub, Cloud9 People and 8Connect Consulting into one entity with a dual focus and, initially, two brands.

First, building on the establishment of The People Experience Hub as a provider of employee surveys, it will continue to develop The People Experience Hub and new products, with the mantra “tech-led, human approach”.

Second, it will combine 8Connect and Cloud9 People‘s expertise in people and change consulting to provide clients with an end-to-end service, from insights development through to implementation. As anyone knows working in the employee engagement arena, the ability to create meaningful change is as important as understanding how your employees feel.

An exciting development

Rob Robson (founder of 8Connect Consulting) will take the lead on the consulting business, which will operate as Cloud9 People. Rob said, “I’m really excited about combining the strengths of Cloud9 in People Analytics, HR and Reward, with 8Connect’s focus on organisational development and change, especially at a time when businesses and their people are facing up to so many challenges. As a business psychologist, I’m also really looking forward to working on innovative new ways of understanding and improving the employee experience using technology. I also have a deep conviction that improving people’s experience of work is not only a worthy aim in itself, but if aligned to the business strategy can have a huge impact on company performance.”

Nick Court, currently CEO of the People Experience Hub and Cloud9 People, said “2020 has proven to be a very challenging year for many businesses. For us, bringing together three great companies means that we will be able to offer even more depth and breadth to our current and future clients. Our expertise in People Analytics, Reward, Employee Engagement, Employee Experience and HR technology is already well recognised, and bringing Rob’s business on board is going to add to and enrich this hugely!

Whatever the future holds, I believe that we will be stronger together.”

Following a period of growth, the new team will move into new, larger offices in Towcester, where The People Experience Hub is currently based.

A combined force for the Employee Experience

The People Experience Hub and Cloud9 People are dedicated to transforming people’s experience at work and provide an end-to-end service that includes Employee Feedback, People Analytics, Organisational Development, HR and Change Consulting. We are trusted by organisations from mid-sized to multinational, to provide excellent service and solutions that meet their business needs.

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