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apter motivational styles

The Apter Motivational Styles Inventory enables self-awareness and promotes your natural adaptability.  By taking control of your motivations you can optimise performance, improve relationships and enhance wellbeing.

Why use Apter Motivational Styles?

By highlighting the range of motivations that you are using from day to day, the Apter Motivational Styles Inventory (AMSI) supports a wide range of learning & development activities, including:

  • Individual coaching
  • Team development
  • Management & leadership development

8Connect Consulting is the sole UK Partner for Apter Solutions

Radically different

The Apter framework views people as inherently dynamic and adaptable.

Rather than putting people into boxes, it highlights different motivations that we all use more or less often and can draw upon to adapt to different challenges.


Our changing work environment needs tools for developing people that encourage adaptability and help people to see that they can change.

The AMSI helps people to see the possibility for change and track it.

A versatile Tool

Motivational Styles have many applications in coaching and development.

They can help individuals and teams to develop self-awareness  and manage their motivations;  improving performance, relationships and wellbeing.

WHAT is the apter motivational styles inventory?

The AMSI is a validated psychometric profile that measures the extent to which you experience eight motivational styles (or ways of being).

Motivational styles are a core element of the Apter Emotivation toolkit, based on Reversal Theory.

It suggests that our motivations are constantly changing, influencing your emotions and behaviour. By learning to manage your motivations you can become more effective and satisfied in a range of different situations.

The Apter toolkit also includes:

    • Emotivation coaching cards game
    • Real-time climate tool
    • 360° Leadership Inventory

Check out a CASE STUDY

how do i become certified?

By being a certified Apter practitioner you and your clients will benefit from the full power and versatility of the Reversal Theory framework and the Apter Toolkit.

Because the framework represents a very different way of approaching human personality and performance, our training programme offers depth in both theory and application. It will equip you to bring an innovative perspective to your client’s challenges, enabling their adaptability, resilience and emotional intelligence.

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    What are the challenges of using types and traits in coaching and people development? Why are some personality profiles inherently limiting?

    Read more about our views on personality profiling. Furthermore, learn about the underlying principles behind the Apter Toolkit and why it offers greater potential to create change.

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