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emotivation coaching cards

A powerful coaching & facilitation tool that uses motivation and emotion to quickly get to the heart of the issue and open up new opportunities to change

Why use emotivation coaching cards?

We experience emotions, but we can manage our motivations. This simple principle that drives our powerful coaching process in-a-box. And the underpinning Apter emotivation framework means that you can help clients get quickly to the heart of the issue and identify solutions. The cards can be used in:

  • Individual and coaching
  • Group coaching and facilitation
  • Training and development

Apter Solutions

8Connect Consulting is the sole UK Partner for Apter Solutions

Accelerates change

The diagnostic power of the Apter framework means that you can dramatically cut down the time taken to diagnose issues in coaching and facilitation.

cuts through complexity

The emotivations card game focuses on a simple goal of understanding and managing the motivational drivers in any situation, cutting through noise to find solutions.

easy to use

Distilling a comprehensive framework of motivation and emotion into a visual card game and board makes it easy for coach and clients to relate to.

WHAT is the Emotivations card game?

The emotivations card game consists of a deck of cards and a board. The board provides the framework in a visual format that makes it easier to understand and use collaboratively.

The cards represent eight ‘ways of being’ that combine emotional and motivational aspects of the framework. Nine different categories of cards support the process in different ways:

Emotions, values and sensations are used to precisely identify the problem to be solved. This problem can be further explored in terms of how behaviour is perceived, the roles being played and team climate. Finally, there are diagnostic and method cards to support the process.

    Check out a CASE STUDY

    Learn how we used emotivation coaching cards to help resolve conflict and improve collaboration between two teams.

    how do i become certified?

    By being a certified Apter practitioner you and your clients will benefit from the full power and versatility of the Reversal Theory framework and the Apter Toolkit.

    Because the framework represents a very different way of approaching human personality and performance, our training programme offers depth in both theory and application. It will equip you to bring an innovative perspective to your client’s challenges, enabling their adaptability, resilience and emotional intelligence.

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      Read more about our views on personality profiling. Furthermore, learn about the underlying principles behind the Apter Toolkit and why it offers greater potential to create change.

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