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CHANGE management consultancy

Our people-first approach, expertise in psychology and delivery focused approach makes change management work.

Do you struggle to make change work?

Although 70% of change programmes probably don’t “fail”,  many still fall short of delivering their intended results or cost far more to deliver than planned.

Our change management consultancy will help you to gain the commitment and build the confidence needed to make change work.

Take people on the journey, or let them drive?

Should change be top-down or bottom-up? This is a false distinction in our view, because no matter how change is initiated, people need to be involved in co-creating it AND it needs to be coordinated.

People make change work and they need to be supported and enabled to be successful. We can help you create clarity, engage effectively and build the capability you need to make your change initiatives succeed, wherever they start.

Our change management consultancy services

Our focus is on delivering value-adding change consultancy support and building capability. We never want to become part of the furniture.

Change strategy `

Starting with a clear vision and case for change, we will help you set off on the right foot.

Engaging effectively

We can help ensure that people are involved in, understand and committed to the change.

Managing resistance

Let us help you make sense of and use resistance to improve your implementation. 

Assessing readiness

Our diagnostic approach will help you manage the whole change journey more effectively.

Developing skills & capabilities

We can develop mindsets and skills of the people that you need to make change work.

Rob led the project to create our new European HQ, and he shone in two distinct areas: the cost control of the project and all the change management aspects associated in relocating several hundred employees to a new location.

Nick Sale

ex-COO, Tata Technologies

Experts in the psychology of change

Our consultants have lived and breathed change, as consultants and operational leaders, in a range of sectors and industries

We are people people to our core and experts in the psychology of motivation and change. While we believe in the use of structured change management methodology, our value comes from being see beyond the ‘process’.

The dynamics of motivation and emotion

Our change consultancy work is underpinned by a psychological framework (Reversal Theory) that emphasises human adaptability. As a map of motivation and emotions it allows us to truly work with hearts and minds.

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It’s time to lead change differently

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What is a Change Agent and how do I become one?

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