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Coaching & Development

We help people step up to lead, create and embrace change, and become more resilient performers.

Business agility is a leadership issue

If you want your people to embrace change, it takes a different kind of leadership, that engages and enables people to be at their best.

Our coaching & development solutions help managers step up and become leaders of change: Able to unlock the adaptability, creativity and resilience needed for sustainable performance.

Enable and liberate people to unlock change

The demands on your business to be agile have never been greater and this creates new challenges for your people.

Contrary to popular belief, people are not inherently resistant to change. They are naturally adaptable, resilient and collaborative.

Management by command & control, however, inhibits these natural human capacities. Leaders must, therefore, enable and liberate people to unlock change.

Our coaching & development services

We provide a range of coaching & development solutions to help your business become more agile and support transformational change.

1:1 Coaching

We work 1:1 with leaders to help them step up and face the challenge of leading people through change.

Team coaching

We help leadership teams work more effectively together and create an agile environment


Resilience training

We develop people so that they can manage their own mindsets, becoming more adaptable, resilient peformers

Change leadership

Management & leadership development

We develop programmes to enable groups of leaders as they lead transformational change.


Change agent development

We enable change agents to step up and engage, support and coach their colleagues through transformation.

Our approach to leadership development

Leadership development programmes often fall short because because they are generic, irrelevant and slow to deliver impact.

Our approach is different. It is agile, experiential and aimed at creating leadership teams as they transform their business.

The dynamics of motivation and emotion

Our work is underpinned by a psychological framework (Reversal Theory) that emphasises adaptability and helps leaders create the climate for change.

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Leading through unfamiliar territory

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Free COVID Return to Work Survey Questions

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Embracing the Business Agility Challenge

Embracing the Business Agility Challenge

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What is mindset?

What is Mindset? And how does it relate to motivation? An awful lot is said about mindset these days.  You must change your mindset on this, adopt that.. ..for this or that reason. Everyone seems to have their own view of what a mindset is, and what kind you should...

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Believe – Perform – Achieve

Believe – Perform – Achieve

Developing High Performance Managers at the Irish Institute of Sport 8Connect Consulting are excited to be supporting 'the team behind the team' at the Irish Institute of Sport. We are helping them to be more effective at "managing from the middle" which means making...

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We are a People, Organisational Development and Change consultancy.

We help organisations develop the agility and resilience to perform in a complex, changing and unpredictable business environment.

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