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Developing workplace resilience

We develop resilient people and teams, enabled by pro-resilience leaders and workplace environments.

Workplace resilience is critical in an uncertain and changing world

The coronavirus pandemic and its social and economic impact have added new layers of stress to what, for many, is a world that is already complex, uncertain and overwhelming.

This puts resilience under the spotlight as a critical skill for today’s employees. We don’t, however, see resilience as something that is the sole responsibility of your employees.

Workplace stress

Resilience is where wellbeing and performance meet

In a performance environment pressure is inevitable, but unnecessary or prolonged stress can lead to burnout, with a high financial and human cost. While resilience training can be effective, leading to improved wellbeing and performance outcomes, it is important to consider the whole organisational context, for example:

  • What’s driving the perceived need for resilient training?
  • Is there a pattern of stress in the organisation?
  • How are leaders being equipped to enable resilience?
  • What organisational factors are driving or protecting people from stress?

Our approach to developing workplace resilience therefore includes, but is not limited to, resilience training programmes and is tailored to your organisational reality.

Our focus, whether it’s at an individual or organisational level, is on on enabling people to develop amore adaptive response to potential stressors by managing their motivation.

Our workplace resilience training programmes

Our experiential workplace resilience training programmes are tailored to your business context, and can be delivered virtually or in the classroom.


Building Personal Resilience

This programme will help individuals to identify and manage everyday workplace stresses by adapting their motivations and finding new perspectives on challenging situations.

Participants will develop an understanding of resilience, gaining insights into their own motivations becoming empowered to make more conscious choices in the way that they respond to potential stressors, by learning how to develop different strategies to manage their response.

Change leadership

Leading for Workplace Resilience

This programme will help leaders at any level to adapt their style and create a team climate (or psychological environment) that aligns constantly evolving performance demands with the motivational needs of the team.

Building on personal resilience skills we equip leaders to read the motivations and emotions of team members, build psychological safety and confidently take a coaching approach to managing people.

An emotivational approach to developing workplace resilience

Our unique approach to resilience is underpinned by an innovative psychological framework, Apter emotivation, that focuses on the dynamic relationship between motivation and emotion. This relationship enables us to:

  • Help individuals become more adaptable to handle stress
  • Facilitate relationships that function under pressure
  • Develop leaders that create more resilient environments
  • Resolve organisational issues that drive stress, and
  • Build a common language that enables support networks.

Apter's Motivational Styles

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