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People Strategy Development

We facilitate the development of engaging strategies that align to the future needs of the business, engage and unleash the potential of your people.

People Strategy is a critical performance enabler 

In today’s uncertain, turbulent and changing business environment, your organisation’s resilience is highly dependent on your ability to win the trust and confidence of your people.

A well-thought out people strategy provides an engaging vision of the future that everyone can commit to.

Create an inspiring people vision 

Your people strategy performs an essential role in bridging the aspirations of your employees and the future needs of the business.

Your people strategy should be focused on the strategic capabilities that will drive business performance; and the cultural environment that will be needed to enable them. The question of how HR processes and initiatives will support these goals is a secondary one.

Equally, your people strategy must be a compelling, aspirational vision that will inspire your people and win stakeholder support.

What makes our approach to people strategy development different?

Our approach to people strategy development is based on a process of Appreciative Inquiry (SOAR) and underpinned by Reversal Theory (Apter).

Integrates strategy & culture

There’s no need for anyone to eat anyone else’s breakfast with our approach.

Collaborative process

We involve a broad range of stakeholders in co-creating the people strategy.Our motivational approach helps drive a coherent approach to engagement.

Broadens thinking

Our comprehensive motivational framework helps to examine a full range of perspectives.

Positive and aspirational

We use a process based on Appreciative Inquiry (SOAR) to create an aspirational vision.

The outcome is a people strategy which is fit for the future, fits the needs of the business and delivers for our people; I’m excited to see the results we deliver
People Director

High Street Retailer

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