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Sport Psychology Consulting

Working with leaders in sports organisations to create healthy, high performance cultures

Developing happy, healthy high performance environments

Sustainable success in performance sport is dependent not only upon the physical, tactical and technical skills of individual athletes but upon their mental approach during training, preparation and competition. 

The organisational context in which sport performance takes place has changed, and increased levels of professionalism and associated commercial or financial pressures can have a significant impact on athletes and coaches. The role of leaders in sport is not only to build a performance system based on technical sporting knowledge, but to build a culture that balances out the demands of performance with the resources available to athletes, coaches and support staff, recognising that all are people above all else.

The greater scrutiny of elite sport, increased awareness of issues such as mental health, mean that it is no longer enough to strive only for high performance. The duty of care that professional sports organisations have throughout an athlete’s career from the academy or talent programme through to retirement, means that athletes can’t simply be left at the side of the road, as collateral damage in the pursuit of a narrow definition of success.

We’d argue that anything other than happy, healthy, high performance is an unsustainable illusion.

We can help sports organisations build an organisation that ensures performance – at the sharp end, on the pitch, court, field, track or in the pool – is sustainable by working with the whole environment from senior leadership through to individual performers.

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Rob Robson

Rob Robson


Rob Robson is a Chartered Psychologist (Sport & Exercise) with British Psychology Society, organisational consultant and former HR Director who puts performance psychology into action as a British Record holding masters swimmer.


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