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Emotivation is a concept that describes a set of emotions in terms of either satisfied or frustrated motivations.

In other words, we feel good when our motivations are satisfied and bad when they are frustrated. However, the Apter Framework, based on a radically different approach to human personality called Reversal Theory, also provides a map for understanding the relationship between specific motivations and emotions.

Reversal Theory’s approach to personality, which focuses on how we are rather than what we are, suggests that we are more naturally changeable and adaptable than many other approaches to suggest.

The Apter framework’s strength lies in its ability to precisely diagnose issues and open up different solutions.

This is because we experience emotions, but we can change our motivations: to solve problems, improve relationships, perform and resolve stress.

Emotivation therefore forms the basis for developing people and organisations to become more adaptable, resilient performers.

Used in leading companies

Thanks to the Apter method, we were able to implement a new way of working without imposing it, by internally training a team of motivational coaches. A real success.

Process Lead, Cosmetics Group

Motivational Styles allowed us to understand why we were needlessly under stress but also and above all to define new ways of working together, motivating and enabling performance. 

HR Director, Aeronautics

What’s in the Toolkit?

The Apter Toolkit is a comprehensive framework and suite of tools for coaches, consultants and trainers. It includes psychometric, digital and game-based tools for developing individuals, teams and leaders that focus on the interplay of motivation and emotions.

The Apter Motivational Styles Inventory (AMSI)

The AMSI is a psychometric profile that identifies the extent to which your full range of motivations are being employed. This enables you to explore states of mind that might be underused, or that might lead to enhanced satisfaction or performance.


Emotivation Coaching Card Game

Emotivation coaching cards help get to the heart of the issue by shining a light on emotions and their motivational drivers; providing a structured approach that opens up new possibilities for change. 


360° Leadership Motivation & Performance 

Helps leaders become more aware of their own motivations and behaviours, but more importantly what kind of a climate they create and how this impacts the emotional experience the people around them.


Quick Climate Tool

Provides an instant snapshot of the shared motivations or emotions a group or team, to open up discussion, facilitate problem solving or simply to take a temperature check during training.

By signing up we will provide you with a range of options to book a webinar or 1:1, and provide you with  further information about the Apter toolkit. You may unsubscribe at any time and we promise never to share your data.

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Is it right for me?

The Apter Toolkit is well-suited to professionals that use some combination of coaching, facilitation and training as part of their practice. Its range of tools means that it has applications for working with individual performers or leaders, teams or groups, but the framework itself has applications at a broader organisational level, too.

 We can’t tell you if it’s right for you but we will have a very open and honest conversation about your goals and help you to make the decision.

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What makes the Apter toolkit different to other tools?

First, the framework. It is based on a radically different psychological theory (Reversal Theory) that views people as inherently dynamic, changeable and even inconsistent. This means that it leads more naturally to change as a solution to solving a problem. It does this by focusing on the relationship between motivations and emotions (hence ‘emotivation’), showing that by changing our motivations we can experience circumstances completely differently. 

Second, certification enables you to use the full toolkit and not just one tool. This does mean that the training takes a bit longer than most individual tools, but at a similar price. So, you do have to invest a bit more time to become certified, but we believe that’s to your benefit and by training in the framework and a range of complementary tools you will be more confident and effective.

Can I use the tools in recruitment?

Our view is that the Apter toolkit is best suited to developmental activities.

However, with care, it can add value to the recruitment process. Examples might include helping to generate a more holistic understanding of a candidate, generating probing interview questions or identifying strategies for onboarding people effectively.  

What do the tools cost after certification?

During certification training you will be given your own set of coaching cards and a game board, which are yours to keep. The remaining tools, including the Motivational Styles Inventory, Climate tool and Leadership 360 are pay-for-use.

The ‘wholesale’ prices vary with volume but for single use are currently (ex VAT):

Apter Motivational Styles Inventory (including multiple re-tests): £90

Apter Coaching Cards  & Board set (£50)

Climate tool (Annually £300, single use £50)

Leadership 360 tool  (£300 set up + £10 per respondent)

As a certified consultant it is your choice how you re-charge these to your clients.

Do I have to pay for annual re-certification?

No. Unlike some providers we do not charge to keep your certification. We operate on a principle that if your practice using the Apter toolkit remains current, your certification will continue. We aim to build a strong community of practitioners, and therefore there will be different ways of demonstrating this by participating in the community as well as using the tools.

As new coaching tools are introduced, some update training may be required to enable you to use them. However, because of the common framework this should never be particularly onerous.

Can I become an Apter partner?

Yes. In the UK, 8Connect Consulting are the principal partner and we are interested in forging relationships with training companies and consultants who would like a closer relationship. Contact Rob Robson (hello@8connect.co.uk)

Outside of the UK, Apter Solutions are looking to build partnerships across the globe. We would be happy to talk to you initially, or you may contact Apter Solutions direct (contact@apter-france.com)

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